EOQ 2020

Dear quality aficionados!

Welcome to the 64th EOQ Scientific Congress on quality standard.

​Following the mission of the European Quality Organization (EOQ), we invest the effort to transfer the theory and practice of modern quality management to Serbia and other countries with less developed economies. Less developed economies are a result of the unapplied practice of managing quality systems. The key factors of understanding and successful implementation of quality management are effective formal education of students, as well as training for specialists in the industry. After researching the level of inclusion of quality standards in the education systems of different countries - we will determine where and how the best results are achieved. There are many reasons to visit Belgrade and Serbia, that are awakening and are in a process of catching up with developed world, after many political challenges.

Dr Jovo Lojanica
President of the Organizing Committee

All information on congress available at: https://eoqcongress2020.srmek.org/

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