A concept for increasing the number, quality and international visibility of national innovations.

Organized by the Finnish Quality Association since 2007

Benefits for participants:

  • Improve your ability to sell your innovation by filling in the application form;
  • Get an outside perspective and feedback on the level of your innovation;
  • Get visibility and recognition for your innovation;
  • Benchmark the level of your innovation nationally and internationally.

Award Categories

  1. Potential innovations;
  2. Responsible & renewable innovations (Circular economy innovations);
  3. Health care sector innovations;
  4. Education sector innovations;
  5. Public sector innovations;
  6. Business innovations (Micro & start-up);
  7. Business innovations (Small and Medium);
  8. Business innovations (Large).

Award process

The national level

  • Each participating country operates the national level independently
  • National winners may be recognized as the partner wishes
  • Only one winner may be chosen per category however.

Process on national level

The international level

  • The national winner of each category proceeds to the international level to compete against other national winners
  • An Award Winner (1. place) and a two Prize Winners (2. place) are recognised for each category
  • The highest scoring innovation in the international jury will be named as the Innovation of Innovations.
  • Winners will be revealed in online Award Ceremony (April 15th 2021, Belgarde, Serbia)