Belt & Road China Benchmarking Trip 2019

Representatives of the SRMEK Association participated, from 28 February to 5 March, on the Belt & Road China Benchmarking Trip organized by the Chinese Quality Association (CAQ) from Beijing.

The Silk Road, the network of ancient trade routes that have been merged Asia and Europe, was reborn in 2013 as the Belt and Road Initiative, the most ambitious infrastructure project the world has ever known—and the most expensive. Its expected cost is more than a trillion dollars. When complete, the Belt and Road will connect sixty-five percent of the world’s population. So far, sixty-eight countries have signed on.

Participants of the Belt & Road China Benchmarking Trip were able to experience changes that took place in the Chinese business environment as well as the unique methods of quality management and innovation through a series of workshops, site visits, and peer networking.

All companies involved in the trip are listed in Fortune 500, with renowned brands and prestige technologies, including China Academy of Space Technology, BOE Technology Group, Haier Group & Tsingtao Brewery.

The study trip confirmed the existing cooperation of the SRMEK Association and the Chinese Association for Quality.

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