The Quality Innovation Award ( is an annual, international competition that enables innovators to:

  • get professional assessment for their innovation
  • benchmark their innovation against others
  • increase the visibility of their innovation

All together this helps to increase the competiveness of each participating country.

Award categories 2020

  1. Potential innovations – For all innovations that are "still on paper" and have not been tested in the market yet;
  2. Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations - For innovations that have a clear environmental focus;
  3. Health care sector innovations- For innovations in the health care sector;
  4. Education sector innovations – For innovations in the education sector;
  5. Public sector innovations – For innovations in the public / municipal sector;
  6. Business innovations (Micro & startup companies) - For companies with turnover less than 2 million EUR and less than 10 employees;
  7. Business innovations (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) - For companies with turnover less than 50 million EUR and less than 250 employees;
  8. Business innovations (Large companies) - For companies with turnover more than 50 million EUR and/or more than 250 employees.

3 winners in each category are selected by an international jury each year and announced at the awards ceremony.

All interested individuals and companies will be (after REGISTRATION) able to get acquainted online with the essence of the 25 winning innovations and follow the award ceremony.

Quality Innovation Award, April 15, 2021 - Belgrade Republic of Serbia

The host of this year's award ceremony is the Serbian Quality Management and Business Excellence Association - Association SRMEK.
Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year's awards ceremony will be organized entirely online.



Type of registration Registration fee
National partner of Quality Innovation Award Free of charge for three (3) user accounts per national partner organization
Member of award/prize winner team Free of charge for all team members
EOQ National Representative organizations Free of charge for one (1) user account per EOQ National Representative organization
EFQM Member Free of charge for one (1) user account per EFQM member organization
All other participants 180 € per user account (VAT included in price).

Payment deadline is April 13, 2021.

NOTE: All participants must REGISTER first (including those who do not pay a registration fee)


There are two payment options available for the Quality Innovation Award 2021 - Online Gala Event . You can pay your registration fee through:

Before making the payment for the Online Gala Event using any of the above methods, please


All participants must REGISTER first, including full teams award/prize winners and associations (QIA, EOQ, EFQM) with their national representatives. After that you will be receiving an email with the more information about the event.


Country Prize Organisation Innovation Desciption
China Award Winner of Health care sector innovations & Innovation of innovations The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University Ischemia-free organ transplantation marks the arrival of the "warm organ transplantation" era Ischemia-free organ transplantation, with systemic device and surgical innovation, transplants a door organ completely avoiding the IRI and significantly improving transplant outcomes.
Basque Country - Spain Award Winner of Potential innovations Advanced Systems In MOBility, S.L. Digitization and automation of the regular road safety inspection for vertical traffic signs. Regular inspections of traffic signs today is being done manually. ASIMOB automates this task with new technology (IoT, AI), significantly improving incident detections, and optimizing maintenance tasks.
Russia Award Winner of Potential innovations National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" Flywheel energy storage device with high-temperature superconducting suspension Flywheel energy storage device with a contactless magnetic suspension based on Meissner effect in high-temperature superconductors is a new environmentally friendly and efficient way to save energy.
Israel Award Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations UBQ Materials Ltd. UBQ Advanced Waste Conversion; landfill-destined waste transformed into a bio-based thermoplastic. UBQ converts unsorted household waste – food, paper, cardboard and mixed plastics, into a sustainable raw material substituting oil-based plastics in product manufacturing. Our motto: Why waste waste?
Czech Republic Prize Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations SILON, s.r.o. Development of a new high-tech product Thanks to continuous innovations, SILON has developed high-quality polyester fibre “SOFISIL”, which is produces from PET bottles collected from the ocean and its coast.
Finland Prize Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations Vaisala Oyj GROUNDBREAKING IN SITU INSTRUMENT FOR BIOGAS MEASUREMENT MGP261 Multigas Probe is the world’s first in situ instrument that can measure multiple gases in demanding biogas process conditions where repeatable, stable, and accurate measurement is essential.
Russia Prize Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations BMPower and National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" (academic partner) Zero-emission and lightweight air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell power sources for drones and robots BMPower air-cooled hydrogen fuel cell are an alternative to lithium-ion batteries, which allows storage of up to 5 times more energy per unit mass of the power sources, thus increasing the drones flight time up to 12 hours (depending on the type).
Sweden Prize Winner of Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations Solar Bora AB Next generation Solar Home System (NextGenSHS) with a circular business model Solar Bora develops NextGen SHS to deliver grid quality electricity to areas of no grid. This enables cooking with induction stoves and productive usage of the electricity!
Basque Country - Spain Prize Winner of Health care sector innovations GOGOA Mobility Robots S.L HANK exoskeleton by GOGOA Mobility Robots HANK exoskeleton is a medical device for the recovery of motor functions for patients with neurological problems due to spinal cord injuries, neurodegenerative diseases and stroke.
Spain Prize Winner of Health care sector innovations CORIFY CARE SL (Corify) ACORYS© Innovative and cost-effective medical device to characterise cardiac arrhythmias and improve interventions The goal of Corify is the development and commercial exploitation of a medical device that solves one of the main problems of cardiovascular clinical practice: the prognosis and treatment of patients with Atrial Fibrillation, an arrhythmia that affects more than 10 million of patients in Europe.
China Award Winner of Education sector innovations China Mobile Group Zhejiang Co.,Ltd.Hangzhou Branch 5G-based remote VR visiting and teaching application The 5G-based VR remote teaching & quarantine remote visitation platform is an immersive VR teaching platform.Combined with 5G, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence algorithms, it can conduct one-to-many virtual reality teaching on the hospital LAN or remote Internet. The platform allows doctors from different regions to gather in a virtual space. Expert doctors can quickly ask and answer students' questions; students can learn professional knowledge more intuitively in the virtual world.
Estonia Prize Winner of Education sector innovations Tallinn Health Care College Roof garden “Hands-on” The container garden has been created on the roof of Tallinn Health Care College´s (THCC) new wing. Plants of various purposes are cultivated there – medicinal herbs, poisonous plants, aromatic plants etc. Educational aspect is considered when choosing the plants that are being introduced to THCC students and the public – plants as well as their characteristics, options to use and risk factors. Generated biowaste is composted and no synthetic plant protection products are used for plant cultivation. Virtual environment PlantsMap has been introduced to allow distance learning and to facilitate learning, consisting of garden´s database and information about the plants (photo, location, name, description). Every plant growing in the garden has been tagged with the name of the plant and QR-code leading to the database. The garden also has a recreational function, and several seminars of various curricula are conducted there. The aim is to share evidence-based information about plants and their effects, to introduce options for growing the plants and options for their use, and to conduct scientific studies with the plants cultivated in the garden. Students involved in scientific studies are included to popularise scientific approach among the public, and training materials are composed.
Latvia Prize Winner of Education sector innovations Red Cross Medical College of Rīga Stradiņš University Hospital work simulation for Health care students in College environment Classroom workshops for health care students are topic or field based. But real hospital routine is multidisciplinary. During the Covid-19 lockdown students faced lack of possibilities to practice at the hospital. Therefore, we developed a simulation where most activities that take part in hospital are built in classroom environment.
Basque Country - Spain Award Winner of Public sector innovations EUSKAL TRENBIDE SAREA Acoustic mini-barrier for low-speed railway lines. Acoustic mini-barriers provide noise reduction better than traditional noise abatement solutions, without the need for foundations or large works, with minimal visual impact, and at very competitive prices.
China Prize Winner of Public sector innovations State Grid Suzhou Power Supply Company AI-based Dynamic Lightning Protection System in Power Distribution Network A lightning protection technology utilizes lightning tracking, AI forecasting, distribution network control and renewable energies coordination to improve the power reliability and stability.
Russia Prize Winner of Public sector innovations JSC "Electronic Moscow" Moscow innovation ecosystem (testing of innovative solutions) The project presents a concept for the comprehensive development of innovation in the urban environment. The concept includes synchronizing the work of the city, innovation developers and participants of the innovation infrastructure for conducting pilot testing of new solutions at urban and commercial facilities.
Czech Republic Award Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies) Berkhof Construction s.r.o. Automatic X-ray inspection and imaging device The new Berkhof X-rad product offers product control in fully automatic mode. Thanks to the new generation X-ray detector, it is possible to detect even light materials and fine internal defects, which has not been possible until now.
Basque Country - Spain Prize Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies) ntClick Soluciones Tecnológicas Sl Development of the Tooling Control platform: innovative product (R + D + i product) Development of the Tooling control platform: an integrated solution with RFID technology for the traceability control of combined variable elements and safe data optimization in the manufacturing sector.
Spain Prize Winner of Business innovations (Micro & startup companies) SKROLLER S.L. Skroller, the e-scooter backrest. Skroller S.L. ( is a spanish startup that has developed and patented an innovative backrest for electric scooters
Basque Country - Spain Award Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises) Alias Robotics, S.L. RIS: Robots Immune System RIS is a Robotic Endpoint Protection Platform (REPP) that detects, stops and reports on threats affecting these cyberphysical technologies. It protects robots and their components against malware and malicious attackers.
Czech Republic Prize Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises) Radalytica a.s. Quality 4.0 - Robotic non-destructive inspection using NDT imaging methods. – “RadalyX” A unique robotic platform capable of non-destructive testing in a wide area of interest across industries with the possibility of immediate evaluation thanks to various imaging options that can be combined.
Finland Prize Winner of Business innovations (Small and Medium sized enterprises) PiBond Oy Silicon-Rich Materials for Advanced Semiconductor Fabrication PiBond developed novel resist solution that simplify EUV lithography. This increases the throughput, improves the yield and enhances the quality of EUVL process. Also the need of chemicals is reduced.
Spain Arward Winner of Business innovations (Large companies) TSK Electronica y Electricidad, S.A. “TSK” SIXPERIENCE: Virtual reality-based system for the operation and maintenance of industrial facilities SIXPERIENCE is a virtual reality-based system allowing the verification and actuation of every element of an industrial installation through an immersive virtual environment.
Basque Country - Spain Prize Winner of Business innovations (Large companies) SORALUCE S.COOP. DWS – Dynamic Workpiece Stabiliser Device that eliminates chatter that is usually generated when machining flexible workpieces. That chatter is caused by the excessive flexibility of the workpiece.
China Prize Winner of Business innovations (Large companies) Dell (China) Company Limited Dell Digital Quality Command Center (DQCC) Establish a decision system through big data analysis to enable the visual display of real time quality data of all production processes, intelligent detection and prediction of any quality abnormity, and automatically manage quality activities in digital way.

A G E N D A *

April 15, 2021 Belgrade, Serbia


*Issued March 25, 2021

Time (CET) AGENDA (company, country – innovation)
1000 Welcome words from QIA - Finland
1020 Nikola Tesla – Serbian inventor video presentation
7 min. each
Award Winners (9) – Basque Country - Spain, Russia, Israel, China, Czech Republic, Spain
1130 Pause

5 min. each
Prize Winners (16) – Finland, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Basque Country - Spain, Estonia, Latvia, China

3 min. each
Meet your Ambassadors (9)
  • Embassy of Finland
  • Embassy of Spain
  • Embassy of Russia
  • Embassy of China
  • Embassy of Israel
  • Embassy of Czech Republic
  • Embassy of Sweden
  • Embassy of Estonia
  • Embassy of Latvia
1330-1400 Closing program – visit Serbia, cultural-artistic program from Serbia